Three Best Reliable Family Law Solicitors in Sydney

With all the smart looking family lawyers and big named firms scattered everywhere, finding the right family law solicitors Sydney for your family affairs could be a daunting task especially when you are getting it hard. The options might even be fewer in a moment of tempest and trauma. But then, you stand to gain a lot by making a clear decision. Having a good solicitor by your side can make the difference between having a good case and a bad one. With the kind of complicated legislative system in Sydney, there is no doubt you need the best-dedicated lawyers to get around your case.

Choosing a good family lawyer that can get the job done especially if you’ve never had one in the past can be a crapshoot. When it comes to child custody conflicts or divorce, the best solicitors are usually the ones that can help get a good case with the best outcome without much stress. With this in mind, here is a brief list of the top 3 law firms to find the most promising lawyers in Sydney:

O’Sullivan Legal
With his years of experience and long-standing record, Ben has built what you can call a mini law empire. Aside from law, Ben’s added knowledge of finance and commerce is what singles him out as an expert in family law.

Thankfully, Ben Sullivan is popular for the right reasons which mean you can always rely on his credibility. On several occasions, he has appeared on top newspapers, magazines, and shows, often shedding light on complicated cases which can only be handled by expert family law solicitors Sydney. So, you can trust him to get the job done.

The Norton Law Group
Norton boldly declares that they are the “obvious choice in law” and we couldn’t agree more. Although, a large practice, the Norton Law Group lawyers are without a doubt some of the best family law experts we have in the country. And the good thing is that these lawyers are specialists. This means that each one of them only focuses on one aspect of family law which makes them very knowledgeable and experienced in that particular area. For instance, if the case you have at hand relates to estate planning, then you will be referred to a family lawyer that specializes in estate. What if you have a divorce case? Then you will be referred to a solicitor that specializes in divorce cases. What if the case involves child custody? Then you will be directed to a lawyer that deals with child custody cases. It’s as simple as that!

Lawyers Plus
With only three senior lawyers and few junior ones, Lawyers Plus is more like a family. Being small is perhaps their strength, as well as their incredible reputation. The firm is basically concerned with divorce and estate planning family cases. Working with them affords you the opportunity to get familiar with the lawyers face-to-face which is not quite obtainable in large firms. They are friendly and very affordable-something you may not get working with larger firms.


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